Gifting Curiosity for the Holidays with Little Passports

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By Allison Tursi, Holbrook Macaroni KID Publisher Mom December 2, 2023

As we are approaching the holidays, I've been busy trying to shop for the kids and find something they will love that they don't already have. Family members and friends have been reaching out to me asking me what the kids need. Nothing – they don't need anything! They have more toys than we know what to do with, their closets are filled with clothes and shoes, and they do not need another coloring book! I've been struggling to find something new and exciting for them this holiday season. 

This year I want to give them more experiences, more hands-on activities, let them explore the world, and promote curiosity. These are the reasons why I am so excited about Little Passports – kits that bring new adventures to your home every month!

The author received Little Passports Kits and compensation for this article. All thoughts and opinions expressed are their own.


Little Passports' award-winning subscriptions ignite curiosity, explore new ideas and places, and celebrate cultures with globally inspired experiences, hands-on art and science activities, and stories for kids ages 3-10.

My kids were so excited to receive their kits in the mail. My 4-year-old received the Early Explorers kit for ages 3-5, and my 6-year-old received the Science Junior kit for ages 5-8. The Early Explorers kit lets your little one discover the world’s wonders, from oceans to art to animals through hands-on activities, games, and stories while the Science Junior launches new discoveries and ignites curiosity with creative hands-on science activities each month. 

Together we read about volcanos and robots, explored the world and oceans, erupted volcanos, built a mini robot, went fishing, decorated a suitcase, and so much more! The kits were full of different activities and my kids had so much fun completing each one. 

Little Passports' play based subscription kits come in a variety of interests and age ranges, so there is something every curious kiddo will love including Early Explorers (ages 3-5), Science Junior (ages 5-8), World Edition (ages 6-10), USA Edition (ages 7-12), and Science Expeditions (ages 8+).


When getting into Early Explorers, my daughter was able to help her little brother with the activities and learn some new facts herself. My son loved every adventure that we went on exploring the world and ocean with Mia, Max, and his dog Toby. He enjoyed completing the activity booklet for each of his adventures and worked hard on the world puzzle. He learned about different animals and places, and where to put them on the world map. He got creative with decorating his travel suitcase and shared with his sister after he caught all of the fish. Best of all he had a fun time learning and exploring with the games, stories, and hands-on activities in his Little Passports kit.


With the Science Junior, kit my son loved watching his big sister build a robot – that we gave energy to with light – and watched him dance across the paper with markers in his hands. My daughter loved all of the hands-on learning and reading the comics that went along with each activity. She is really into science lately and being able to build and see it with her own eyes made her so happy. She got to use her mind to think of ideas and her hands to fully emerge herself in her creativity. 

Meanwhile, I loved that we were able to sit down as a family and explore their kits and activities together. We were able to spend quality time together and I got to watch their faces light up as they caught a fish and watched a volcano erupt!


Little Passports is the perfect way to give the gift of curiosity this holiday season. You'll also be giving yourself the gift of quality time with your kids as you sit with them and explore together.

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